Advisory in Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change

Through advisory services UESC is helping cities deal with environmental, sustainability and climate change issues in innovative ways with approaches that can extend to multiple thematic areas:

  1. Learning and capacity building programmes that incorporate different learning approaches and techniques
  2. Development of tools and methodologies to support decision making, planning and assess capacities
  3. Advisory with a research component

These are some of our recent advisory projects:

Advisory project







Valuing the Resilience Dividend

Global Infrastructure Basel and Rockefeller Foundation

Ecuador, Philippines, Haiti, New Zealand, Bangladesh

LoCAL: Monitoring and Evaluation of Performance-based Grant System for Local Resilience

United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF)

Bhutan, Cambodia

SUSTAIN: Strengthening higher education in urban sustainability and transitions towards internationalization of academic institutions and networks

European Commission

Asian and Europe

SRBA: Sustainability and Resilience Benefits Assessment

World Bank

Sri Lanka, Colombia

LEAN-CC: Linking European, African, Asian Academic Networks on Climate Change

European Commission

Europe, Africa, Asia

CAST: Capacity Assessment Tool for project planning, financing and management capacities


Mexico, Colombia


Cities Alliance, ICLEI


Covenant CapaCITY: Capacity building of local governments to advance Local Climate and Energy Action – from planning to action to monitoring

European Commission – Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)


PROSPECT: Peer powered cities and regions

European Commission