MSc Specialisation: Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change

The Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change (UESC) specialisation of the MSc in Urban Management and Development (UMD) aims to provide up-to-date knowledge on how to develop and manage green, low carbon, resilient and adaptive cities.

The specialisation will address the following questions:

  • How can we achieve development that minimises the harm caused by climate change induced disasters, while maximising the local development opportunities presented by a green, low carbon and resilient urban growth?
  • What is the influence of urban form and structure on climate mitigation and adaptation?
  • How are decisions made about which adaptation, mitigation or green growth policies to implement?
  • What are the synergies and trade-offs between climate mitigation, adaptation and development interventions and policies?
  • What are the barriers municipalities face in the process of planning for adaptation and mitigation and which are the main instruments cities can use to finance climate and environmental interventions? 

A variety of topics are discussed during the specialisation including spatial analysis, ecosystems services valuation, multi-level and actor governance frameworks, socio-technical transitions, decision making and integrated sustainability assessment methodologies.

During the thesis period you have the opportunity to help with projects that UESC are involved in which gives you the opportunity to be exposed to actual challenges and issues.

Student Testimonial

“Joining the UECC specialization with its interactive classes was a truly rewarding experience. It emphasizes the importance of climate change adaptation and mitigation practices as well as sustainable development, environmental theory and environmental management systems.” – Emina Ahmetovic, Bosnia and Herzegowina, master’s student, 2013-2014

MSc Specialization: Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change (UESC)

Lecturer and Associate Lecturers




IHS, Erasmus University RotterdamOgenis BrilhanteLecturer
IHS, Erasmus University RotterdamStelios GrafakosLecturer
IHS, Erasmus University RotterdamAlberto GianoliLecturer
IHS, Erasmus University RotterdamVeronica OlivottoLecturer
IHS, Erasmus University RotterdamElena EnsenadoLecturer
IHS, Erasmus University RotterdamL. D'Acci Lecturer
DRIFTF. AvelinoAssociate lecturer
World BankM. RanadeAssociate lecturer
Climate FocusJ. HoogzaadAssociate lecturer
TU DelftK. KwakkelAssociate lecturer
Universiteit UtrechtH. MeesAssociate lecturer
World Council of City Data (WCCD)N. TillieAssociate lecturer
Aalto University, FinlandM. LandauerAssociate lecturer
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)D. DodmanAssociate lecturer