Research in Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change

Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change  (UESC) experts are involved in research projects related to urban climate resilience, climate change, nature-based solution, green foreign direct investments etc. More technical research subjects include air quality and heat island effects, as well as applications using Earth observation information.

Analysis of Green Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) (2012-ongoing)

Client: IHS internal research grant
Description: Analysis of Green FDI and incorporation into the local green growth decision making in selected South-East Asian cities in collaboration with the IHS Urban Economic Development and Resilience thematic area

Integrated Economic Assessment of Urban Climate Resilience Measures in Ho Chi Minh City (2012-ongoing)

Client: IHS internal research grant
Description: Cost-effectiveness analysis of climate resilience options in urban areas
Partner: Center of Water Management and Climate Change, Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City (Contact person: Prof Dr Ho Long Phi (Director) 
Contact person (IHS): Alberto Gianoli