Research in Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change

The Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change  (UESC) specialisation of the MSc in Urban Management and Development  (UMD) aims to provide up-to-date knowledge on how to develop and manage green, low carbon, resilient and adaptive cities. 

Analysis of Green Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) (2012-ongoing)

Client: IHS internal research grant
Description: Analysis of Green FDI and incorporation into the local green growth decision making in selected South East Asian cities in collaboration with the IHS Urban Competitiveness and Resilience Group
Partner: Urban Competitiveness and Resilience (UCR) Team
Contact person (IHS): Stelios Grafakos

Integrated Economic Assessment of Urban Climate Resilience Measures in Ho Chi Minh City (2012-ongoing)

Client: IHS internal research grant
Description: Cost effectiveness analysis of climate resilience options in urban areas
Partner: Center of Water Management and Climate Change, Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City (Contact person: Prof Dr Ho Long Phi (Director) 
Contact person (IHS): Stelios Grafakos, Alberto Gianoli