Urban Housing, Equity and Social Justice

At IHS housing is considered more than just houses. It not only represents the most valuable asset that people strive to access during their lifetime but a process tainted by political, social and economic exclusion and injustice.

Providing access to adequate housing is a perpetual global challenge. Despite shifting housing paradigms translated into policies and strategies providing valuable learning experience the housing challenge is still prevalent. In the majority of urban areas, especially in the Global South, the challenge continues to grow through a vicious cycle of inequality and injustice in the redistribution of housing opportunities causing housing poverty and the proliferation of slums.

The three main pillars that UHES’ stand for  are equity: supporting housing policies and institutional frameworks that ensure everyone has access to adequate housing; housing adequacy: creating humane settlements that foster social, economic and spatial integration and inclusion; and social justice: supporting housing rights and an improved quality of life for everyone.   


Photo credit: Phuongphoto