UHES have been involved in advisory assignments for national and local governments, development banks, NGOs and international organisations. These advisory projects have resulted in policy documents and publications in the form of reports and implementation guidelines. Through advisory projects UHES have developed trainings and evolved the Urban Management and Development specialisation; Urban Housing, Equity and Social Justice (UHES).

Recent advisory assignments include:

  • Transformation of urban management: Capacity building for urban management in Myanmar [Client: UN-Habitat]
  • Social housing strategy for Albania [Client: UNDP]
  • Best Practices For Roma Integration (BPRI) – Regional Report on Legalization, Settlement Upgrading and Social Housing for Roma in the Western Balkans [Client: UN-OSCE]
  • Design of the Programme for Productive Housing (Diseño del Programa de Vivienda Productiva como base de una Política Nacional y Municipal de Vivienda) [Client: IADB]