Education UHES

MSc Specialisation

The MSc specialisation addresses topics like: inequality, informality and injustice; equitable access to housing, affordable housing, housing needs and settlement planning, rights and development-based approaches to housing.

Short Courses

UHES is prominent within the postgraduate diploma Developing Social Housing Projects which focuses on developing social housing project proposals that define designs and plans, financial instruments, management structure and the institutional set-up.

UHES is involved in the Urban Heritage Strategies (UHS) tailor-made course which provides knowledge on the complex relationship between urban development and heritage management.

UHES has been involved in various Refresher Courses including courses in Myanmar, The Philippines, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Thailand and Namibia.

PhD Programme

Experts in UHES offer PhD candidates interested in housing research supervision and guidance throughout their studies. As lecturers and practitioners in the housing sector, they offer vast experience and expertise on housing in the Global South and Eastern Europe.

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