Course overview UHES

"Adequate Housing for All: The Right to a Home"

Introduction The Housing Challenge

Inequity, informality and injustice

  •     Meaning of housing
  •     The global housing affordability crisis
  •     The right to housing: equity and social justice
  •     The New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals

1. Governance of the Housing Sector

Equitable Access to Housing

  •      Housing policies, paradigms and trends
  •     How the housing sector works
  •     Principles of adequate housing: affordability, availability and acceptability

2. The Housing Sector and the Economy

Affordable Housing for All

  •      Housing affordability
  •     Housing demand and supply
  •     (In)Formal land and housing markets
  •     Regulatory and subsidy mechanisms
  •     Conventional and non-conventional housing finance instruments
  •     Land based financing options

3. Humane Settlements and the Environment

Housing for People

  •      Housing needs
  •     Housing transformation process
  •     Human settlement planning
  •     Sustainable housing and climate change

4. Rights-& Development-based Approaches to Housing

Adequate Housing for All

  •     Institutional housing provision: social or public (rental) housing
  •     Affordable home ownership/low-income (public) housing
  •     Low income housing: core, incremental, cooperative/collaborative housing
  •     Informal housing process
  •     Slum upgrading
  •     Forced evictions, acquisition, expropriation and compensation
  •     Resettlement
  •     Gender-mainstreaming in housing
  •     Housing for migrants

CASE STUDY WORKSHOP: HOUSING JUSTICE (Translating theory into practice)