Research in Urban Housing, Equity and Social Justice

Research interest and research strategy of UHES

The theoretical framework that supports UHES' research interest establishes and explores the relationship between urban housing policies and approaches with the concepts of equity and social justice. The main research objective is to assess the conditions that lead to housing justice by asking: To what extent do different housing polices and approaches influence the equitable and just (re)distribution of housing opportunities?

The research strategy of UHES is to offer selected students of the UHES specialisation the possibility to take part in organised fieldwork. This allows students to prepare their research proposal for their thesis while remaining in line with the theoretical framework of UHES. As a result of this research strategy students have had the opportunity to write and publish academic articles in cooperation with academic staff.

Research Workshop of the UHES Specialisation

The Research Workshop, Housing Justice in the Global South, of the MSc in Urban Management and Development (UMD) prepares students for conducting their own empirical research preferably in line with the research Interest of UHES. It allows students to use the information from the research activities of UHES to write a literature review and a problem statement, develop research questions and objectives, write a conceptual framework and do its operationalisation in order to define the research strategy.

This year, UHES collaborates with the Asian Coalition on Housing Rights (ACHR), which enables students to participate and undertake research and fieldwork in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

Commissioned research

UHES is frequently involved in various commissioned research projects. Please use the staff profiles to find more information on individual research expertise and interests. 

Some of the commissioned research projects for UHES include:

  • Boundary spanning for community driven co-production in dealing with poverty reduction and urban regeneration: An international comparative research in developing and developed countries
  • OIKOnet – a global multidisciplinary network on housing research and learning
  • The effect of resettlement on upward mobility and inclusion on the urban poor in India under the new governance paradigm