How to Deal With Wicked Urban Problems: What works and what doesn’t?

This session will attempt to tackle this complicated topic by breaking it down into the following questions:

  • What are some wicked problems in cities around the world? What are differences, between countries, continents, cities?
  • What makes a wicked problem so wicked?  Are these only problems inherited between generations, like poverty and poor education?  What keeps these problems from being resolved, financial means or a lack of creative solutions?
  • Can the knowledge of other cities who have worked with similar problems be of use?  How can this knowledge transfer take place?
  • How can cross-overs and unconventional approaches be of use?
  • How can citizens get involved?

The experts that make up the panel have a range of expertise which make them uniquely qualified to answer these questions as a group.

  • Moderator
    • Claudio Acioly - Senior Housing and Urban Management Expert - Head Capacity Building at UN-Habitat
  • Panellists
    • Semiha Denktas - Head of Department Social & Behavioural Sciences, Erasmus University College
    • Derk Loorbach - Director of DRIFT & Professor of Socio-economic Transitions at the Faculty of Social Science, Erasmus University Rotterdam
    • Hanna Pintusava - Communications specialist at PRé Sustainability
    • Mattijs van Ruijven - Head Urban Planner, Urban Development, Municipality of Rotterdam