Urban Updates: environment & climate change

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

As urban environment is a main focus area at IHS, we have an entire specialisation dedicated to it! As the activity of the Urban Environment and Climate Change (UECC) team extends beyond the classroom, we share a few of their latest news below. 
You can get insights from:

  • a video interview with Dr. Stelios Grafakos, on the climate action multi-criteria prioritization tool
  • the most recent UN-Habitat book UECC contributed to: Sustainable Urbanization in the Paris Agreement
  • a European online platform for urban resilience, with featured interviews of Dr. Stelios Grafakos


A New Method of Transport Project Appraisal

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

IHS staff and students constantly conduct research on various core topics for IHS. Urban infrastructure is a main pillar in our activity, which also reflects in the research outputs, such as this joint research effort between IHS and FSW. 

IHS at HIII: urban insights from Els Keunen, planning expert

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Els Keunen has been working at IHS since the beginning of 2015, as a member of the Urban Strategies and Planning specialisationteam. Before joining IHS, in Rotterdam, she worked in Mozambique and Uganda for six years, in urban upgrading projects. Safe to say she is fully connected to the global urban context and being involved in Habitat III on behalf of IHS was high on her priority list. After four days among 30.000 other urban professionals all the way in Quito, Ecuador, she came back with a lot of observations, lessons and conclusions. Such large-scale events, especially if held only once every 20 years, always promise a lot, but the question always remains whether they actually serve as a departure point for further action or they fall behind, like a distant vision of what could have been.

How does Erasmus University encourage sustainability?

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Anyone who has visited the Erasmus University Campus in the past few years knows by now that change is happening loudly and visibly every day. Work on a green campus has brought many transformations here, at EUR and it will continue to do so, at least for the upcoming years. Besides upgrading the infrastructure and the green areas, a significant number of new and sustainable initiatives are taking place. To find out more about what is happening, when and how, I went for a chat with Eva Rood, Project Leader Sustainability Hub at EUR.