Living costs

In addition to tuition fees, you also have to budget for accommodation, food, transportation, books, copying costs and personal expenses.

IHS is happy to provide you with tips and information on how to find housing in Rotterdam.

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During your stay in the Netherlands, you are legally required to have a valid health insurance . As a service, IHS can arrange health insurance coverage for you through IPS insurance, a registered insurance company that provides international coverage. IPS insurance costs around €1.30 per day or €37 per month. 

Residence permit
IHS will assist participants with all the necessary visa arrangements. For non EU/EEA master students the Dutch immigration Service (IND) fee for a 1 year visum is €307.

IHS rates as per October 2016 (revised yearly)
  General costs
Administration costs €900
Accommodation costs/month €600 to €650
Approx. living costs/month (excl. accomm.) €400 to €450
Health insurance/month  €37
Residence permit €317

*Please note that the costs for accommodation may be higher depending upon the availability of rooms in our student dormitory.