Tuition fees

The fees stated below are the tuition fees for the Master's programmes and postgraduate diploma courses valid for the year 2015. In addition, also make sure to take into consideration other additional expenses, such as living costs, health insurance, field work, as well as residence permit or short stay costs.


Tuition fee

MSc in Urban Management and Development

€ 12,900*

International Course on Housing and Urban Development (Postgraduate Diploma)

€ 5,950**

Urban Management and Development Theories (Postgraduate Diploma)

€ 5,750**

Urban Management Tools for Climate Change (Postgraduate Diploma)

€ 2,750**

Land Management and Informal Settlement Regularisation (Postgraduate Diploma)

€ 2,750**

Local Economic Development (Postgraduate Diploma)

€ 2,750**

Green Cities for Eco Efficiency (Postgraduate Diploma)

€ 2,750**

PhD Programme

€ 12,000


Admitted applicants who submit their tuition fee for the master's programme before 1 June 2017 benefit from a tuition fee reduction of € 500 and at the same time secure their seat in the programme.

** For the Postgraduate Diploma courses, please note that if you are an EU participant, the VAT of 21% will apply. The tuition fee stated above is excluding the VAT.

  • Included in the tuition fee:
    Airport pick-up; Rotterdam public transport validation card (‘OV-chipcard’); access to the IHS library and online course literature; access to the Erasmus university online library and online course literature (only Master's programmes).
  • Scholarship bodies may cover the costs only partially or extend extra budgets. These are agreements exclusively between the scholarship body and the participant.
  • We recommend that participants bring their own laptop. Interest-free loans are offered to MSc participants to buy a laptop.
  • All costs are subject to change.

Cancellation Fees

Candidates who submit their tuition fees and then, for whatever reason, cancel their course participation before the programme begins are subject to the following charges:


Cancellation fee

MSc UMD (Cancellation confirmed before August 1st)


MSc UMD (Cancellation confirmed after August 1st)


Post-Graduate Diploma Course (More than 1 month prior to starting date)


Post-Graduate Diploma Course (Less than 1 month prior to starting date)