Tailor-made courses

IHS designs and conducts tailor-made training, in both The Netherlands and abroad. Increasingly organisations use IHS course programmes as part of their overall strategy for institutional development and improvement in the delivery of services and project implementation. The range of subjects, the flexible duration of courses and the problem-solving orientation provides an embedded solution to staff involved in on-going programmes. In order to make training responsive to local problems IHS conducts participatory training needs assessment in response to and often in cooperation with local organisations requesting for specific training to support local policies and programmes.This allows course curriculum and programmes to be fine tuned with local institutional environment.

In recent years IHS has offered such programmes combining in-country modules and modules in Rotterdam for organisations in South Africa, Cuba, Albania, Brazil, Argentina, Uganda, Indonesia, China, Yemen just to mention a few. Sometimes IHS staff delivers the training in local languages resulting into maximum impacts. Please find a description of some of these tailor-made courses in our archive.

If your organisation wants to make use of training for team building, foster organisational change and improve the quality and quantity of its services, contact IHS directly via this website or e-mail advisory@remove-this.ihs.nl.


Some recent examples

Urban Management & Development - Sustainable Urbanism (UMDSU) for Brazilian students under the Science Without Border funding
yearly programme

Capacity development for planning and implementation of low-income (social) housing projects

Tailor made programme for NAMC Chinese Mayors: Operation & Safe Management of Urban Public Utilities

Short tailor made course on Urban Management Tools for Climate Change in Latin America for IDB officials

For an overview for the rest of the IHS programmes, please follow this link: www.ihs.nl/prospective_students/ihs_programmes/