Project Description

OIKOnet (A Global Multidisciplinary Network on Housing Research &  Learning) is a three-year pedagogic project which has the purpose of creating an international platform of collaboration to study contemporary housing from a multidisciplinary and global perspective. A total of 34 organizations from 29 countries in Europe and around the world are part of this network. The project is coordinated by the School of Architecture and Engineering, Ramon Llull University, in Barcelona, Spain.

OIKOnet will intertwine three areas of activity through sub-networks:
1. research on housing studies
from a multidisciplinary and global perspective;
2. participatory actions
to engage communities in the definition, solution and evaluation of housing problems, and
3. pedagogical activities
which bring together different stakeholders, learning environments and disciplines.

Project Objectives

1. To facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge across the partnership (on housing studies, pedagogic innovation and integration of ICT in education) through meetings, conferences and debates taking place in blended environments (physical and digital).
2. To collaboratively design learning activities around problems encompassing different dimensions of housing. Through these activities, courses (seminars, workshops, design studios), disciplines (architecture, urban planning, sociology) and stakeholders (academics, professionals, local representatives, citizens) will become closely interlinked.
3. To overcome the boundaries between on-site and on-line learning spaces by jointly designing and implementing sequences of learning activities carried out in seminars and courses as well as in the digital platform.
4. To create a cross-institutional, cross-disciplinary network of learning activities focused on contemporary housing.5. To establish procedures to facilitate the long-term collaboration of higher education institutions dealing with contemporary housing problems.

IHS staff involved:
Maartje van Eerd, Expert, Housing & Social Development
Maria Zwanenburg, Senior expert social & local economic 
Ellen Geurts, Expert, Housing
Alonso Ayala, Expert, Housing

OIKOnet current activities

For more information on their current activities, please click on on this newsletter.

OIKOnet events & products

three yearly conferences dedicated to discuss the intertwining between housing research and teaching;(First International Conference, Barcelona, 25-26 September 2014)
• three international workshops which bring together students and teachers of the schools of architecture and urban planning to carry out learning activities around specific topics dealing with contemporary housing issues;
a yearly meeting of each of the sub-networks;
collaborative learning activities carried out using the digital platform of the OIKODOMOS Virtual Campus;
courses and seminars designed and implemented collaboratively by the partners institutions together with local communities,professional organizations;
webinars and online courses to exploit the pedagogic and research resources of the network;
• a web portal to support the collaboration among network members in research and teaching;
dissemination activities (exhibitions, webcasts, newsletters,…) to present the project results;
a book summarizing the work carried out during the three-year project.