The IHS Library

IHS has a multi functional area comprised of a library and information centre, working area’s for students with 50 computers and additional lab-top ports, printers, photocopy machines and scanners. It is also possible to view and copy video’s, slides, and CD-Rom’s. There is a data projector where special exercises and computer-aided training can be performed.  After hours the area is used for social functions, making use of the bar, television and seating areas.

IHS’ very unique specialised library and information centre has more than 58,000 records registered in an electronic catalogue and is run by two Information Managers.  Both course participants and staff (but also visitors and researchers) can make use of a variety of periodicals, books, video’s, CD’s, DVD’s, slides and all different types of services and access to information on Housing, Urban Management and Urban Environmental Management and Planning.

Contact the IHS librarians

  • Sharon Welsh 
    telephone: +31 10 4089857
  • Nigel Browne 
    telephone: +31 10 4089836

Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies
P.O. Box 1935
3000 BX Rotterdam 
The Netherlands 
Fax: +31 10 4089826