Managing Finance and Urban Infrastructure (MFUI)

Managing Finance and Urban Infrastructure (MFUI) includes a specialisation in Urban Management and Development (UMD) master’s programme, the postgraduate diploma Green Cities for Eco-efficiency (GCE), advisory works and research on different topics related to infrastructure and green cities.

MFUI considers infrastructure the physical structure of a city that influences the urban forms which are influenced by the urban design. This directly affects habitat, ecosystems, water quality, quantity, travel behaviour and displacement which affects infrastructure, energy consumption, air quality, land use and climate change.

MFUI’s green city concept sees the city composed of three elements built environment (infrastructure), natural environment and the anthropogenic environment (citizens). Decisions regarding the infrastructure directly influence the two other elements and affect the liveability and sustainability of the city.

Training, research and advisory works within MFUI address the management aspects of providing infrastructure assets to deliver services with a pre-defined level covering the following sectors: drinking water, wastewater, solid wastes, green infrastructure, storm water, floods, transport, energy and green building. With regard to GCE we focus on the different approaches, solutions and policies cities are developing for integrating green concepts into their planning and managing processes.

Two practical tools complement our training, research and advisory works. One to measure the actual city environmental performance and the other to use these results to develop a green city action plan to improve the actual environmental performance.