IHS at the World Urban Forum V

"The Right to the City-Bridging the Urban Divide” 

The World Urban Forum V (WUF) on the theme of "The Right to the City-Bridging the Urban Divide" took place in Rio de Janeiro 22 -26 March 2010

The World Urban Forum (WUF) is organized by UN-HABITAT to examine the issue of rapid urbanization and its impact on communities, cities, economies and policies. The theme of Rio 2010 “The Right to the City” is based on the UN-HABITAT's flagship report “State of the World's Cities 2010-2011” which will be launched at the conference. See World Urban Forum Brochure.

IHS at the World Urban Forum

IHS was present at the World Urban Forum V with several training events. Our staff also participated in several networking events. 

Download the interview with Carley Pennink (Head of Advisory Services, IHS) with the World Urban Forum Daily.

IHS training events (23-26 March 2010):

1. “EQUIURBE, achieving equitable distribution of costs and benefits“
Training by IHS and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (Lecturers: C. Morales, F. Furtado & A. Ayala)

Interactive game on land management and tools such as land readjustment, compulsory auction and vacant land taxes when dealing with growth areas and land provision for the poor.

Wednesday March 24, 2010
Room W2-7
Maximum participants: 40
Contact: Carlos Morales-Schechinger

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2. “Towards Preventive Housing Policies to Mitigate Informality“
Training by the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, UN-HABITAT and IHS (Lecturers: M. Smolka, C. Acioly, C. Morales)

Training event that focuses on housing policies & regulations with respect to the causes and persistence of informality in cities and creates knowledge on the design of policy responses to mitigate and/or provide viable alternatives to slum formation.

Tuesday March 23, 2010
Room W2-15
Maximum participants: 40
Carlos Morales-Schechinger

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IHS contribution to networking and other events

1. Networking event on Forced Eviction and the Violation of Human Rights
Networking event organized by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

International Expert Group Meeting on guidelines and practises related to evictions, acquisition/ expropriation and compensation Download

Monday March 22, 2010, at 14.00 -16.00 hrs
Room: W3-20
Maartje van Eerd, IHS, Email: vaneerd@ihs.nl
Contact: Bahram Ghazi, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

2. “Upgrading Informal Settlements through Socio-ecologic Infrastructure Provision”

Networking event organized by TU Berlin, Jörg Stollmann; ETH Zürich, Rainer Hehl & GSD Harvard, Christian Werthmann

 WUF UrbanInform DirtyWorks Minutes Download
 WUF UrbanInform DirtyWorks Projects

Date: Thursday March 25, 2010, at 16.30-18.30
Room: W2-15
Carley Pennink, IHS, Email: pennink@ihs.nl
Contact: Christian Werthmann, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, Email: cwerthmann@gsd.harvard.edu

3. “Nine years of Brazil City Statute”
Networking event organized by Cities Alliance

Monday March 22, 2010, at 16.30-18.30 hrs
Carlos Morales-Schechinger, IHS, Email: c.morales@ihs.nl

"Brazil set up a crucial earmark on that issue with the approval of the National Constitution, 1988, and the Statute of Cities, 2001, by the Brazilian Parliament. What happened after 2001? Was the Statute of Cities incorporated by local legislations, and furthermore had some concrete impacts, either positive or negative on making Brazilian cities affordable for all? Is this kind of regulation needed and could it be effective for African, Asian or even Latin American countries with similar urban issues as Brazil?"

4. "Count me in for planning my city"
Networking Event organized by Community Development Institute (CODI)- Thailand, Global Land Tool Network (GLTN, UN-HABITAT), Cities Alliance, GLTN partners Role IHS: Facilitation by Carley Pennink, input/presentation and reporting by Saskia Ruijsink Tuesday, 23 March 2010, 16:30 - 18:30, Room W2-16.

The Community Organizations Development Institute (CODI), a public institution from Thailand organized the networking event in coordination with the Global Land Tool Network (UN-HABITAT). The event provided a networking opportunity for professionals from academia, government, community-based organizations, civil society and private sector, for sharing experiences about participatory enumeration, a community-led surveying technique. Carley Pennink (IHS) moderated this event and Saskia Ruijsink (IHS) presented the work of The Global Land Tool Network in general and more particularly its work focusing on enumeration. In this event the following publciations were launched: the book ‘Count me in – surveying for tenure security and land management’ and two policy briefs ‘Tackling tenure security in slums through participatory enumerations’ and ‘Improving data collection for urban planning through participatory enumerations’. A detailed report of the event will soon be availbale on www.gltn.net.

Download          Enumerations; Count me in

Saskia Ruijsink, IHS, Email: s.ruijsink@ihs.nl Carley Pennink, IHS, Email: pennink@ihs.nl

5. Global Land Tool Network Roundtable "Piloting of a GLTN Land Tool: A Practical Way to Ensure Gender Equality"
Role IHS: Speaker, Saskia Ruijsink
Thursday 25th of March 13:30-16:00, Room W3-7
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Contact: Saskia Ruijsink, IHS, Email: s.ruijsink@ihs.nl

6. "Gender Equality Action Assembly"
Pre-WUF event by Gender Mainstreaming Unit of UN-HABITAT and partners Role IHS: Discussant and rapporteur for Gender responsiveness in land and housing policies Saskia Ruijsink Friday 19 March and Saturday 20 March, Room W3 -14
Download the report

Contact: Saskia Ruijsink, IHS, Email: s.ruijsink@ihs.

IHS Alumni International Meeting & Dinner

Thursday 25 March 2010
18.30 - 22 hrs

Networking event for urban professionals with common roots at IHS, Rotterdam.

  • IHS Alumni International Network was launched at this meeting.
  • The constitutional framework of the International Network and the board members was presented.
  • Discussion & feedback by Alumni
  • Drinks & dinner with informal networking amongst IHS Alumni together with IHS staff members

More information on this event can be found on the IHS Alumni website. 

Venue: Rio Scenarium
Rua do Lavrádio 36, Centro
Located very close to the WUF venue in the harbor area of Rio de Janeiro Centre
Contact: Christina Liesegang, IHS