Julia Skinner

Architect & Urban Development Specialist

Julia Skinner is an architect and urban manager, specialized in the fields of social housing and urban social development. She obtained her MSc. at the Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The theme of her dissertation was the formalization of land titles as a means of alleviating urban poverty in Peru. She has conducted project management, field research, training and consultancy assignments on social housing in Peru, Colombia, El Salvador and The Netherlands. Other countries of experience are the United Kingdom and Cameroon.

She was involved in architectural design and construction supervision and management of various housing projects in Peru (1979-1984)

She is a Peruvian community architect who has been working in the international development sector for 20 years, addressing the housing needs of the poor in Peru, El Salvador, Colombia, UK and the Netherlands.

In Peru she was the National Head of Programme Development and Management in ENACE (the National Buildings Company), and before that she managed a project of over 3,000 supervised credits of core units through self-help and mutual aid, in the largest marginal settlement in the East-cone of Lima working with CBOs and heads of households (mainly women).

In El Salvador, she worked for four years in the field with an NGO applying local construction technologies and materials at community level in rural areas and in Colombia she was a housing adviser in a European Union project for the slum upgrading in the Ciudad Bolivar district of Bogota.

She has worked in the field and HQ in self-help housing projects, slum upgrading and settlement development involving a wide range of social, technical, and management tasks. She has worked for and with central and local governments, NGOs (local and European), the World Bank and the European Union. This work was carried out both as a team member and as team leader.

Currently she is an Associate Academic staff to IHS working in the Managing and Financing Urban Infrastructure (MFUI) department and with the project acquisitions team in the thematic fields of urban social development, social housing, urban poverty reduction, community participation, green cities and solid waste management.

Since 2012 she has been doing research in the area of Green Cities and coordinated the first course on Green Cities for eco-efficiency for the Urban Management and Development: Sustainable Urbanism (UMDSU) students.