Refresher courses

For many years, IHS has organised regional refresher courses addressed to its alumni, thanks to the financial support provided by NUFFIC. The duration of these courses is usually 2 weeks and they are organised annually in close cooperation with a local organisation that also benefits from the wealth of experience brought by IHS staff and IHS alumni.

The courses refresh previous issues and fine-tune participants’ experience and knowledge with current international policy practices and new issues that have emerged since their participation in IHS courses. The courses are very interactive. Participants have the chance to present their experiences and often this generates a rapid assessment of what is going on regionally. It is an excellent opportunity for networking and for assessing the impact of their previous training at IHS.

In recent years, Refreshers courses have been offered in South Africa, Thailand, Zambia, Indonesia, India, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Egypt, China, Cuba, Peru, Ghana, Vietnam, Colombia, Philippines, Nigeria, and Uganda. If you belong to an Alumni association or if your organisation would like to host such a course, contact IHS.

The refresher courses are a sub-programme of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) and participants have to be Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)/Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) alumni to apply for a fellowship. Find out whether you are eligible to join a refresher course in your region in the list of eligibility criteria.

Refresher Courses 2019

In 2019, IHS is very happy to organize 5 refresher courses:

    1. Making Andean Cities Greener in time of Climate Change: Strategies to reduce water, energy and transport sectors impacts and vulnerabilities caused by water extremes

    2. Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Change Resilience and Disaster Risk Reduction

    3. Planning for food: linking food security & water management to pro-poor housing development in Ghanaian Cities

    4. The contribution of sustainable land governance to local economic development in climate-induced regions    

    5. Peacebuilding in peri-urban areas in Colombia: nature-based solutions for community resilience

    Past refresher courses

    In 2017, IHS organised six refresher courses in Myanmar, Zambia, Nepal, Vietnam, South Africa, and India, with support from Nuffic.

    • Inclusive city: migrant women and their right to housing and basic services in the city (Yangon, Myanmar)
    • Land Grabbing and the vulnerable-securing land for the poor and women in the peri-urban (Lusaka, Zambia)
    • Urban Space and Disaster: Building Resilience with Communities (Bhaktapur, Nepal)
    • Mainstreaming gender equity and a rights-based approach to Vietnam’s urban development policy: the transformative power of Strategic Action Planning (Hanoi, Vietnam)
    • Food for empowerment: Innovative, just and sustainable approaches for making food accessible in urban settlements (Stellenbosch, South Africa)
    • Social and gender dimensions of urban river restoration: lessons from Asian Cities (Chennai, India)