Maartje van Eerd

Lecturer and senior expert

Dr Maartje van Eerd

Senior Specialist in Housing and Social Development, Assistant Professor

Email address
+31 10 408 9839

Maartje van Eerd is a Human Geographer by profession with extensive experience as a researcher, trainer, and advisor on housing and social development issues. Her PhD research focused on the governance aspects of resettlement in Chennai, India. Her main research interest and expertise is in housing rights, displacement and resettlement, livelihoods and gender. Besides conducting long-term research on the impact of resettlement and incremental development, in collaboration with Anna University in Chennai, she has produced a documentary on the gender impact of resettlement. She has conducted training and advisory work and research mostly in Asia and Africa, amongst others, Ethiopia, Ghana, Mexico, Myanmar, South Africa, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Kenya, Brazil, Turkey, Nepal, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom. Her current work is on access to (digital) information, gender and inclusion and livelihoods in resettlement.

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