Maartje van Eerd

Senior Specialist in Housing & Social Development, Assistant Professor

Maartje van Eerd (PhD Leiden University, MA Human Geography University of Amsterdam) is a Human Geographer by profession with extensive experience as researcher, trainer and advisor on housing and social development issues. She has conducted extensive research on resettlement projects, forced evictions, acquisition, expropriation and compensation, and the role of NGOs and CBOs in developing alternatives to forced evictions. Her PhD research focused on resettlement and she conducted her field research in a resettlement project of the urban poor in Chennai, India, where she analysed local initiatives, and government and NGO policies and programmes.   

She has developed, coordinated and facilitated several accredited courses on housing rights, forced evictions and alternatives for NGOs, CBOs and local government globally (Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe). Also she has developed training courses on gender and tenure security for local NGOs in East Africa, and several trainings on alternatives to forced evictions in Africa and resettlement (Nigeria and Kenya). She is a member of the National Advisory Board (NAB) in Nigeria that advocates towards secure tenure in Nigeria and promotes access to land and affordable housing.

She is a Senior Specialist in Housing & Social Development at IHS and has managed and coordinated accredited academic courses on housing and urban development dealing with informal settlements, adaptive and pro-active approaches to slums. She has extensive knowledge and experience on research methodologies. Apart from her teaching experience, she is the author and editor of several project proposals, project acquisition documents, as well as academic publications and she is member the editorial board of an international academic journal.

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