Our capacity building services equip current and future global urban professionals with the knowledge and skills to improve urban life. Training is one of the most effective ways to strengthen capacity and to improve the potential of organisations. These programmes surpass standard training by ensuring a thorough understanding of the local context, in addition to building links for international and local knowledge transfer. Using this method, the interventions made are sustainable for both stakeholders and the local environment.

One of IHS’ core products is the design and delivery of tailor-made training programmes for urban professionals. Every year, the institute conducts several training programmes at the IHS campus in Rotterdam and within the home countries of clients. With its holistic approach, the trainings can also be combined with advisory and research services to meet effective demand.

IHS also offers training of trainers to local training partners. This is to ensure that local partnerships are based on common standards, that ‘capacity remains with the client’ when IHS leaves, and that the long-term sustainability of capacity building interventions are ensured.

Photo credit: Tran Phu

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