Tailor-made training

IHS designs and conducts tailor-made training, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Organisations use IHS course programmes more and more as part of their overall strategy for institutional development and improvement in delivering services and project implementation. The range of subjects, the flexible duration of courses and the problem-solving orientation provides an embedded solution for staff involved in ongoing programmes.

To make training responsive to local problems, IHS conducts a participatory training need assessment and often cooperates with local organisations requesting specific training to support local policies and programmes. This allows course curriculum and programmes to be attuned to the local institutional environment.

In recent years IHS has offered such programmes combining in-country modules and modules in Rotterdam for organisations in South Africa, Cuba, Albania, Brazil, Argentina, Uganda, Indonesia, China, and Yemen, to mention a few. Please find a description of some of these tailor-made courses in our projects portfolio and on the pages listed below.

  • Tailor-made training in Nepal, for the Municipal Association of Nepal (MuAN)
    Nature-Based Solutions for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: Building Resilience for Municipalities in Nepal
  • Tailor-made training in Uganda, for the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD)
    Building climate resilience through sustainable land management and climate-smart agriculture
  • Tailor-made training in Colombia, for the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) and National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH)
    Building a sustainable, and resilient energy & power sector in Colombia: Nature-based solutions for Climate Mitigation and Adaptation in rural & peri-urban areas
  • Tailor-made training in Sudan, for the National Fund for Housing and Reconstruction (NFHR)

    Realizing the right to adequate housing for all: strengthening the capacity of NFHR, State Housing and Reconstruction Funds, academia and NGOs towards the development of inclusive housing programmes

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