Advisory, Training and Research

IHS offers specialised advisory, training and research services

IHS offers Advisory, Training and Research services, by creating specialised and custom projects and programmes for clients and urban professionals.

Since 1976, IHS has worked on projects overseas, providing advisory services to an array of stakeholders including governments, organisations and institutions. The institute also works on contracts for local and national government clients. Services in this area include policy level support, aid in citywide strategic development and participatory processes.

Our specialised capacity building services equip current and future global urban professionals with knowledge and skills to improve urban life. These programmes surpass standard training by ensuring a thorough understanding of the local context, in addition to building links for international and local knowledge transfer. Using this method, the interventions made are sustainable for both stakeholders and the local environment.

We also undertake specialised international research in partnership with client organisations. This work is focussed on advancing theory which is essential for critical thinking development. This research has been instigated and developed for our partners including Cities Alliance, the World Bank and UN-Habitat.

From these three types of services, strong links are produced between theory and practice, allowing course participants of our educational programmes to benefit from the rich knowledge of our lecturers.

Below you will find some of our key projects we have participated within over the past few years:

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