Former Staff

IHS former staff are experienced independent professionals engaged in consultancy, research and training who have been members of the academic staff of IHS. 

NameFormer Position in IHS
Desislava YordanovaMarketing and Communications Policy Officer / Business Intelligence Officer
Elina MakousiariAcademic Assistant in Sustainable and Resilient Urban Management
Aloysius BongwaLead Specialist Urban Finance and Infrastructure
Dr Alexander JachnowLead Specialist in Strategic Urban Planning and Policy
David Schelkshorn Academic Assistant in Urban Housing, Equity and Social Justice
Francesca Vanelli Academic Assistant in Urban Land Governance for Sustainable Development
Indriany Lionggo Academic Assistant in Urban Economic Development and Resilience 
Dr Ogenis BrilhanteLead Specialist in Infrastructure and Green City, Associate Professor
Fergal Raftery Marketing and Communications Officer
Kate TriggProject Manager
Elena Petsani Academic Assistant in Strategic Urban Planning and Policy
Forbes Davidson 
Alexandra TsatsouUrban Strategic Planning & Climate Resilience Expert
Anirban PalExpert, Policy & Planning
Anteneh GetnetAdministrative Assistant
Carlos Morales SchechingerSenior Expert on Urban Land, Coordinator of Urban Land Development Specialization
Donia TawakolProject Officer, European Research Project TRANSIT
Els KeunenUrban Planning Expert
Emiel WegelinSenior Urban Economist and Institutional Specialist, Director of IHS (1996-2001)
Filipa PajevicResearch Assistant/Urban Economist
Gisela Garrido VeronResearch Assistant, Strategic Urban Planning and Policy
Hanna PintusavaProject Officer, Online Education
Hans TeerlinkSenior expert training & capacity building
Indriany LionggoResearch Assistant, Urban Competitiveness and Resilience
Jeanette CalderAdvisor, Public Private Partnerships
Luciana Freitas EzequielResearch Assistant
Luca D'Acci 
Maria ZwanenburgDevelopment Sociologist
Marc JansenSenior Specialist, Urban Infrastructure
Marijk HuijsmanSenior Urban Expert and Sociologist
Meine-Pieter van DijkProfessor of Urban Management in Emerging Economies
Nico van der WindtDirector of IHS
Peter NientiedConsultant, practice researcher, trainer and coach
Reinhard SkinnerSenior Urban Management and Governance Expert
Saskia RuijsinkUrban Planning and Strategies Expert
Spyridon StavropoulosEconomic Geographer (Dr.), former Coordinator of Urban Competitiveness and Resilience
Stelios GrafakosFormer Head of Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change
Tikvah BreimerSpecialist Urban Land Management & Policy
Ronald WallEconomic Geographer
Yiping Fang Expert, Housing & Social Development 
Cristina Liesegang Marketing and Communications Officer
Max Jeleniewski 
Edward Frank 
Joris van Etten 
Florian Steinberg 
Corazon Dee 
Jon Metcalfe 
Claudio Acioly 
Monique Peltenburg 
AndrĂ© Herzog 
Jeroen Klink 
Mike Rodell 
Carla Lepelaars 
Harry Mengers 
Michaela Schuster 
Rolf Dauskardt 
Paul Procee 
Sasja van der Wegen 
David Edelman 
Rudi Atman 
Jos Frijns 
Cor Dijkgraaf 
Deniz Baharoglu 
Sameh Waba 
Peter Slits 
Mike Lindfield 
Bart Maas 
Fred Kooimans 
Paul Schuttenbelt 

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