IHS Academic Staff

The IHS Academic Staff are urban professionals with very diverse backgrounds and expertise. Their knowledge covers multiple areas, among which urban planning, housing, land governance, urban finance, urban heritage, climate change, green cities and infrastructure and others.

Academic Directors

Lasse Gerrits
IHS Academic Director

Frank van Oort
IHS Academic Director

Former Academic Director

Jurian Edelenbos 
Full Professor ESSB Department of Public Administration and Sociology/Public Administration

Urban Socio-Spatial Development

Alonso Ayala
Head of Urban Socio-Spatial Development Department, Senior Housing Expert

Alexander Jachnow
Head of Strategic Urban Planning and Policy

Bahar Sakizlioglu
Housing Expert, Urban Sociologist

Carolina Lunetta
Urban Development Expert

Charmae Nercua
Land and Housing Development Strategies Specialist

David Schelkshorn
Research Assistant, Urban Housing, Equity and Social Justice

Elena Petsani
Academic Assistant, Strategic Urban Planning and Policy

Els Keunen
Expert, Urban Planning and Municipal Development

Jean-Paul Corten
Expert in Urban Heritage Strategies

Maartje van Eerd
Senior Expert, Housing & Social Development

Remco Vermeulen
Expert, Urban Heritage Strategies

Saskia Ruijsink 
Senior Expert, Urban Policy and Planning

Urban Sustainability & Climate Change Resilience

Alberto Gianoli
Head of Urban Sustainability & Climate Change Resilience Department

Alexander Los
Urban Environment and Climate Change Expert

Aloysius Bongwa
Senior Expert, Urban Finance

Elena Marie Enseñado
Researcher, Urban Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Change

Julia Skinner
Educational Programmes Manager, MSc in Urban Management and Development
Green Cities and Urban Social Development Specialist

Laura Quadros Aniche
Urban Environment, Sustainability, and Climate Change Expert

Ogenis Brilhante
Head of Infrastructure and Green City (IGC)

Paul Rabé 
Senior Expert, Urban Land Governance

Peter Scholten
Expert, Sustainability & Governance

Somesh Sharma
Expert, Environment and Sustainable Development Planning

Urban Economics & Governance

Paula Nagler
Head of Economics & Governance Department, Economist

Beatriz Calzada Olvera
Economic Researcher

Carley Pennink
PhD, Governance, PPPs and Capacity Building

Francesca Vanelli
Academic Assistant, Urban Land Governance for Sustainable Development

Indriany Lionggo
Academic Assistant, Urban Economic Development & Resilience 

Jan Fransen
Senior Expert/ Assistant Professor Urban Economic Development and Resilience

Leon van den Dool
Senior Expert Urban Governance

Ore Fika
Land Expert, Urban Land and Housing Development