Alexander Los

Specialist in Urban Environment and Climate Change, Assistant Professor

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Dr Alexander Los is a physicist and expert in Urban Environment and Climate Change. He focuses his research on urban environment modelling using satellite-based observations, Citizen Sensing and climate change data. In the Urban Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change Master track of the Urban Management and Development MSc programme he teaches air quality, climate change, and renewable energy-related subjects. Before joining IHS he was responsible for the lecture program and masterclasses of the Copernicus Eyes on Earth Roadshows. Besides teaching Alexander is using Earth observations in projects funded by the European Space Agency and Copernicus to support local communities in their effort to understand air pollution urgencies and to take required actions. Alexander’s experience in climate change, air quality and remote-sensing is built on a consequent combination of modelling and fieldwork to study atmospheric photochemistry, cloud-induced effects on the Earth’s climate and solar resource forecasting. Alexander obtained his PhD at the University of Utrecht in 2001. He worked as a post-doc researcher at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and as a research associate at the University of Technology Delft, The Netherlands. As managing director and as a senior scientist in private companies he developed scientific instruments for climate research and solar energy.

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