Peter Scholten

Peter Scholten

Senior Specialist in Governance of Sustainable Urban Resources, Assistant Professor

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Dr. Peter Scholten is a governance and sustainability expert with a background in Social and Political Sciences of the Environment. He is a steering committee member of the DE-RISC project, where he leads research on Data communities, data stakeholders and data owners in the processes of data sharing. He also engages in research and practice related to the sharing and co-creation of urban knowledge, as part of the CLOSER CITIES initiative.
He holds a PhD in water governance and specializes in governance, integrated planning and leadership strategies in complex decision-making environments. Peter collaborates with a large variety of academic and societal organizations across the globe.  He teaches and supervises PhD’s in the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences & Humanities of Erasmus University Rotterdam and in the Radboud Global PhD program on Sustainability Challenges. 

Ferreira Villalba, M., Dijkstra G., Scholten, P. and Sucozhañay, D. (2022). The effectiveness of inter-municipal cooperation for integrated sustainable waste management : a case study in Ecuador. Waste Management, 150, 208-217. (First online 16 July 2022).

Ye, L., Peng, X., Quadros Aniche, L., Scholten, P. and Enseñado, E. M. (2021). Urban renewal as policy innovation in China : from growth stimulation to sustainable development. Public Administration and Development, 41(1), 23-33. (First online 23 March 2021)

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Ariyanti, V., Gaafar, T., Sala, S. D. L., Edelenbos, J. and Scholten, P. (2020). Towards liveable volcanic cities : a look at the governance of Lahars in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and Latacunga, Ecuador. Cities, 107, December, 102893, (First online 02 September 2020)

Janipour, Z., Nooij, R. de, Scholten, P., Huijbregts, M. A. J. and Coninck, H. de (2020). What are sources of carbon lock-in in energy-intensive industry? A case study into Dutch chemicals production. Energy Research & Social Science, 60, 101320, (First online 16 October 2019)

Meijerink, S., Stiller, S., Keskitalo, E. C. H., Scholten, P., et al., (2015). The role of leadership in regional climate change adaptation: a comparison of adaptation practices initiated by governmental and non-governmental actors. Journal of Water and Climate Change, 6 (1), 25-37. (First online 06 August 2014)

Scholten, P., Keskitalo, E. C. H. and Meijerink, S. (2015). Bottom-up initiatives toward climate change adaptation cases in the Netherlands and the UK : a complexity leadership perspective. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 33 (5), 1024-1038. (First online 30 September 2015)

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Scholten, P. (2013). Dutch dealings with flood risk. Developments in integrative water management and the synchronization of public and private agendas for climate adaptation in the Netherlands. In E. C. H. Keskitalo (Ed.) Climate change and flood risk management : adaptation and extreme events at the local level (pp. 258-289). Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Radstake, M. and Scholten, P. (2011). Sounds of silence : using online spaces to connect citizens and experts. Graduate Journal of Social Science, 8(3), 161-171.

Scholten, P. (2011). Daring leadership : a study of water governance on the edge of innovation and democracy. [Doctoral dissertation Radboud University], Raboud Repository.

Scholten, P. (2010). Leadership in policy innovation, a conceptual map. Nature & Culture 5(1). 31-48.

Scholten, P. (2009). Daring decisions and representative municipal democracy: an exploration within the new river management in the Netherlands. The innovation Journal 14(1), article 5.

Scholten, P., Edelenbos, J. Groot, W de and Teisman, G. (2009). Daring leadership: balancing between transactional and transformational leadership. Earth Systems Governance Conference 2009.

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