Ore Fika

Programme Manager, Masters in Urban Management  and Development Land Expert, Urban Land and Housing Development

Email address
+31 10 4089850

Ms. Ore Fika (MSc. Urban Planning and Development) is an urban planner and architect. She is a specialist in urban land and housing development. Her main area of expertise and also topics she lectures on include Land Tenure Systems, Community Land Trust, Inclusionary Housing and Zoning, Spatial Development for Green Cities, Benefits Sharing in response to Resettlement and Sustainable Urbanism.

She is currently one of the two program coordinators of the Urban Management and Development- Sustainable Urbanism (UMDSU) program. She also coordinates three workshops which are Atelier Almere, Atelier Rotterdam and the design project- Planning and Designing an Ideal Neighbourhood. Ore Fika is also part of the Masters programme research workshop team in the urban land thematic area. She was a team member in the training on Capacity Development for Planning and Implementation of Low-income (social) Housing Projects in Nigeria in 2013.

Before her time at IHS, she worked as an architect and project manager for several years and her tasks included the design and development of multiple housing units in Lagos, Nigeria, in response to the housing shortage in the city, which ignited her interest in urban development as a whole. She also worked on development projects in South Africa, Liberia, Ghana and briefly in Tunisia. In 2008 she completed her Master’s degree in urban planning and development at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development (IHS), where she specialized in Housing and Land Development Strategies. During her Masters study she carried out her research on slum formation and consolidation focusing on water front communities, also known as “Landless Slums”.