Alonso Ayala

Head of Urban Socio-Spatial Development Department, Assistant Professor

Email address
+31 10 408 9861

Alonso Ayala is an architect and development planner specialized on the fields of regional development planning, human settlement planning and urban and housing research in emerging economies, as well as academic and professional capacity building. He has recently defended his PhD at the Faculty of Spatial Planning of TU Dortmund University. The title of the dissertation is: Urban Upgrading Intervention and Barrio Integration in Caracas, Venezuela. He has over fifteen years of working experience. He has conducted field research on informal urban processes in Venezuela, Bangladesh and the Philippines. His specific fields of expertise are: Manager of  housing projects, Planner of human  settlements, Researcher of housing and urban development in the developing world, Lecturer of human settlement planning and housing in developing countries, Facilitator of urban and regional planning workshops and Trainer of trainers and institutional capacity building.

Before starting his academic career in Germany he was involved in Venezuela in architectural design and construction management of various housing projects of different scales (1993-2000). Upon completion of his Masters studies in Regional Development Planning (2000-2002), he was invited by the management of the SPRING International Master Programme to the TU University of Dortmund, Germany to pursue his PhD and also work at the Department of Spatial Planning in Developing Countries (2003-2008). The work involved various responsibilities including lecturing on a range of topics, conducting action-oriented workshops, institutional capacity building and curriculum development. Alonso Ayala currently joined the academic staff of IHS (October 2008).