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Dr Merav Kaddar

Educational Programme Manager

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Merav Kaddar is an urban researcher and the Educational Programme Manager at IHS. Merav’s research interests comprise spatial justice, urban art and culture, urban citizenship, agency, gentrification and displacement, and the political theory of cities. She has extensively worked in international research collaborations and has practical experience as an urban planner, dealing with questions of heritage and divided cities. 

Merav is an Associate Member of the Collaborative Research Centre CRC 1265 ‘Re-Figuration of Spaces’. Before joining IHS, she was a Minerva Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the Technische Universität, Berlin. Merav received her PhD (2020) from the Political Science Department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for work on individuals’ urban agency. She was a Fellow at the joint interdisciplinary doctoral program "Human Rights under Pressure" under the auspices of Freie Universität Berlin and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She holds an MSc in Urban Studies from University College London (UCL) and an M.A. in Philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Her current work follows three main axes: 

  • "Creative Urban Justice"– Artistic interventions in (nationally) conflicted cities as agents of spatial justice. 
  • "Transitional Justice Cities" – How can and do cities contribute to national reconciliation schemes? 
  • "Defining the practice of spatial justice" – Searching for a comprehensive definition of spatial justice between theory and practice. 

Kirchberg, V., Hoop, M. & Kaddar, M. (2023). The influence of political engagement on artistic reputation. Self-evaluations of artists: Der Einfluss von politischem Engagement auf die künstlerische Reputation. Selbsteinschätzungen von Künstlern. Journal of Cultural Management and Cultural Policy/Zeitschrift für Kulturmanagement und Kulturpolitik, 9(1), 29-58.
Hoop, M., Kirchberg, V., Kaddar, M., Barak, N. and Shalit. A. de (2022). Urban artistic interventions : a conceptual and empirical analysis in Israeli and German Cities. City, Culture and Society, 28, June 2022, 100449. (First online 15 March 2022).
Kaddar, M., Barak, N., Hoop, M., Kirchberg, V. and Shalit, A. de (2022). The artistic spirit of cities : how cities influence artists’ agency, Cities, 130: November 2022, 103843. (First online 06 July 2022).
Kaddar, M., Kirchberg, V., Barak, N., Seidl, M., Shalit A. de and Wedler, P. (2022). Artistic city-zenship : how artists perceive and practice political agency in their cities. Journal of Urban Affairs, 44(4-5) 471-489. (First online 08 September 2020).

Kaddar. M., and Monterescu, D. (2021). Dancing with tears in our eyes : political hipsters, alternative culture and binational urbanism in Israel/Palestine. Ethnic and Racial Studies, 44(6), 925-945. (First online 11 January 2021).

Also Reprinted in T. Sorek, (Ed.), (2022). Culture and conflict in Palestine/Israel (Ethnic and Racial Studies). Abingdon: Routledge.

Kaddar, M. (2020). Gentrifiers and attitudes towards agency : a new typology : evidence from Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel. Urban Studies, 57(6), 1243-1259. (First online 20 February 2020).

Kaddar, M. and Monterescu, D. (2020). The rise and fall of the political hipster : Eros, alternative culture and binationalism in a changing urban space, pp. 343-368. In: Jaffa shared and shattered, Tel Aviv: Bavel, [in Hebrew].

Kaddar, M. (2017). Anna Lulu vs. the Pearl Pirates 1:0  - Heterotopia in a changing urban environment, pp. 157-188. In A. Golan and R. Donyets Kedar. (Eds.) Business of cities, cities of business : corporatizing urban space. Tel Aviv: Resling. [In Hebrew].


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