Julia Skinner

Educational Programmes Manager, MSc in Urban Management and Development | Green Cities and Urban Social Development Specialist

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Julia Skinner is an architect and urban social development specialist with 34 years of professional experience. This has been mainly in developing countries, where she worked at various levels, from community architect to National Director. A major part of her work concerned slum upgrading and affordable housing through community participation and, since 2013, green cities and sustainability, including solid waste management, circular economy, appropriate green building codes and the use of incentive mechanisms for sustainable housing.

Besides these topics she also lectures on social issues such as poverty, informality, livelihoods and how they are impacted by climate change, the sustainable development goals and the New Urban Agenda.

She obtained her MSc. at the Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS), Erasmus University, Rotterdam where the theme of her dissertation was the formalization of land titles as a means of alleviating urban poverty in Peru.

She is currently one of the coordinators of the “Managing and Financing Urban Infrastructure” specialisation and of the “Green Cities for Eco-efficiency” short course. She also coordinated the Erasmus + Mobility Programme 2017 on “Smart and Green Cities Strategy” with universities from Kosovo, Armenia, Georgia and Moldova.

In Peru, she was the National Head of Programme Development and Management in ENACE (the National Buildings Company), and before that, she managed a project of over 3,000 supervised credits of core units through self-help and mutual aid in the largest marginal settlement in the Eastern cone of Lima, working with CBOs and heads of household (mainly women).

In El Salvador, she worked for four years in the field, with an NGO, applying local construction technologies and materials at community level in rural areas. In Colombia, she was a housing adviser in a European Union project for slum upgrading, in the Ciudad Bolivar district of Bogota.


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