Action Planning Workshop

Course introduction

The Action planning Workshop incorporates the concepts learned during the Urban Governance, Policy, Planning and Public Private Partnerships (UGPPP) module in a practical, one-week exercise.  

Course objectives

After the module students should be able to:

  • Describe the Action Planning process and provide practical examples of each of its steps
  • Work with and apply key tools for decision making, as part of the Action Planning process
  • Develop an integrated Action Plan, working in a multidisciplinary group
  • Simulate the organisation and implementation of  a participatory planning process
  • Present and communicate the Action Plan to an audience of professionals and the community.

Course content

The 5 day Action Planning workshop is a one week, practical exercise that simulates the reality of a using a multi-stakeholder, integrated approach to developing a strategy and action plan for a neighborhood.

  • Structured in steps and students use specific planning tools, applying these to a case study.
  • Planning cycle, starting with problem identification and concluding with the development of a strategy and implementation plan, forms the basis for Action Planning.
  • Students work with a case study that highlights a series of complex issues in different urban sectors.
  • Each case is different but sectors may include: space and place, land and housing, economy and well-being, environment and climate change, large scale /social infrastructure and basic services
  • Final strategy must also balance the different needs and interests of various actors and stakeholders.

Course information


Action Planning Workshop


Block 1




Carley Pennink; Alexander Jachnow




Short lectures; Group work; Discussions and collaboration; Presentation of final strategy in plenary


Group work 100%

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