Covid-19 Rotterdam Impact Study: Policy briefs

Policy brief #1: Conditions for urban resilience to COVID-19

Vital Cities and Citizens published the first policy brief within the Rotterdam impact study COVID-19. The aim of the project is to indicate the impact of the corona crisis on the city.

The Covid -19 pandemic has hit Rotterdam hard. Starting with the increasing number of cases of infected and deceased people. Also, many companies have closed down and all the events have been cancelled. The streets are empty. Almost 40 percent of the citizens of Rotterdam feel threatened, a quarter of the freelancers and flex workers have reported a loss of income and half of them are scared to lose their jobs. On the other hand, there are rays of hope: since the Covid-19 outbreak, solidarity and trust in institutions has increased significantly, and many neighbourhood initiatives are emerging. There is trust in Rotterdam as a resilient city.

The central question of this policy letter is:
Which conditions influence how fast Rotterdam will come back stronger out of the Covid-19 pandemic? 

Policy brief #2: Research design for case studies

Vital Cities and Citizens has published a second policy brief within the Rotterdam Impact Study COVID-19. The central question reads: Through which working methods and activities have cities been able to emerge stronger out of the COVID-19 crisis?

The 'Leren en Doorgroeien' team of the city of Rotterdam wants to research a number of cases and systematically compare these to draw lessons and to develop perspectives of action for Rotterdam and its citizens.