Executive programme: affordable housing, affordable cities

Start date

Sunday, 1 Jul 2018, 13:30

End date

Saturday, 7 Jul 2018, 12:30

An invaluable 7- day program for those in city planning, city management, urban infrastructure, housing policy, design, development and finance.

The course is specially crafted for mid to senior level professionals from public and/or private sector - government, developers, architects, urban designers, financiers, consultants and academicians who together constitute the symbiotic ecosystem for making cities affordable and homes available for safe, dignified and productive living.

While IHS will share ideas and experience from different countries of the developed and developing world, the experts from MLC Academy will ground these ideas in the Indian reality through workshops. Visits will be arranged to engage with city and housing corporations and projects. 

The course would cover these broad themes:

  • designing affordable and inclusive cities
  • designing affordable housing
  • urban governance and policies
  • strategies for housing finance
  • social and economic sustainability 
  • urban infrastructure

All participants will receive a certificate from IHS-MLC Academy on completing the course successfully.

Please have a look at the leaflet for more information. The registration process is done through our partner. Find out details at the links below.

More information


For greater detail on the week-long program visit myliveablecity.com.Please contact Mitali Choudhary on mitali.myliveablecity@gmail.com for reserving your place or further information.