IHS at WUF: Who's Afraid of Theory of Change

Monday 10 Feb 2020, 09:00 - 12:00
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Capital Suites - First Floor: CS 1

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This training demystifies the meaning and application of Theory of Change (ToC) and shows how the approach can build on commonly used planning tools. Using a case study, and innovative, commonly used and common-sense tools for analysis and decision making, the trainers will guide the participants through the application of the tools in the formulation of the case of a cultural and natural heritage project. At the end, participants would then understand the relation to current planning tools and be exposed to tools which link to the ToC approach.

This training is meant for urban professionals applying for project funding and faced with the daunting tasks of using the theory of change approach.

The Theory of Change (ToC) framework is currently being used widely by donors and funders in project applications. ToC is more than a methodology for planning and evaluation of projects. In fact, it is a process-oriented approach that helps guide critical thinking and strategic action, while allowing for adaptive planning in the context of dynamic and changing contexts. It is a guiding framework for all stages of project planning, which also questions how people think, assume and come to solutions to bring about change. It is a way of thinking, a process and a product.

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