Urban Visions: Digital Exclusion in Rotterdam South - who is left behind and why does it matter?

Guest lecture by IHS Alumni Makensie Marten and Carlos Altamirano
Friday 27 Jan 2023, 15:30 - 17:00
Spoken Language

Classroom 1&2, Floor 14, Mandeville building

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IHS students presenting their research to the Mayor of Rotterdam.

January marks the start of the IHS public lecture series "Urban Visions". Each lecture will be hosted by an urban professional and/or academic who will share their knowledge and experience on a specific topic. 

The first lecture will be hosted by IHS alumni Makensie Marten and Carlos Altamirano, who will present the research they worked on during their studies in the MSc Urban Management Development, specialising in Economic Development. They are both living and working in Rotterdam while continuing to advance the results and impact of their digitalization research. In November 2022, the speakers presented their work to the mayor of Rotterdam and are continuing to develop literature on the topic of the digital divide. 

This presentation will cover "Digital Exclusion in Rotterdam South: Who is left behind and why does it matter". It will examine in detail the concept of the digital divide, its levels in relevant contexts, the key findings on digital exclusion, and its relationships to other social issues. In addition, the presenters will discuss in detail their methodology for conducting the research and their post-project activities. Carlos and Makensie will also answer students' questions and tell about their work experience in the Netherlands, as both work for Dutch companies after graduation. 

Disclaimer: If you are not a student or a staff member at IHS, please fill in the registration form in the description due to the limited capacity of the venue. 

After the guest lecture, we'd like to invite you to our annual New Year gathering with students, staff and alumni, where you will have the chance to meet other Alumni living in the Netherlands.

More about the presenters 

Makensie Marten

Makensie Marten

Grants Consultant at Holland Partners, MSc in Urban Management & Development Alumna

Makensie is from the US and got her undergraduate degree in Spain. She then moved back to the States to begin her career with the City of Kansas City, MO in Public Works and Transportation, where she worked for two years before moving to Rotterdam. Currently, Makensie utilizes her international background, business knowledge, and analysis experience to find and apply for funding opportunities on behalf of NGOs, entrepreneurs, and business consortiums, focusing on projects with social and development relevance.

Carlos Altamirano

Carlos Altamirano

Ocean Strategy Consultant at Maersk, MSc in Urban Management & Development Alumnus

Carlos is from Costa Rica where he completed his studies in Civil Engineering, then began his career in the real estate industry where he worked as a project manager and planner for five years before moving to the Netherlands. Currently, Carlos applies his engineering and new economic knowledge to develop and implement effective business strategies in the Ocean Logistics sector. He is known for his analytical approach and ability to identify key drivers of success. 

More about the research

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