Workshop on Green financing

Unlocking the local energy transition
Start date

Thursday, 5 Mar 2020, 14:00

End date

Thursday, 5 Mar 2020, 19:00

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Ticket information

The conference fee is 55 Euro and it includes the following events:

  • Green Financing Workshop (5th of March)
  • Site Visits "Energy Efficiency" (6th of March afternoon)
  • Participation in this conference is also included in the fee of the European Energy Efficiency Conference.

The fee includes an entrance ticket to the tradeshow and conference documentation. All fees plus 10 % VAT.

On the 5th of March, the PROSPECT team is organising a workshop in Wels, Austria, in the context of the European Energy Efficiency Conference and the World Sustainable Energy Days. By providing a 'toolbox' of smart financing instruments and programmes, this interactive workshop will help participants find the right financing solutions for their sustainable energy projects. 

For those working on local and regional energy transition or those interested in financing sustainable energy projects, this workshop provides a quick and efficient way to learn about which instruments work in what contexts and how they can be successfully applied locally. 

Have a look at the programme below:

14.00 Green financing: unlocking the local energy transition

The local energy transition requires investments! Although investment capital is often available in public and private funds, bridging the gap to concrete project implementation remains a big challenge. Having a toolbox of smart financing instruments and programmes unlocks possibilities. Learn, in this interactive session, which instruments work in what contexts and how they can be successfully applied in your region or city.

  • Smart financing: peer-to-peer learning in the Prospect project
    Mia Dragović Matosović, Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy, The Netherlands
  • Opportunities for energy efficiency of the European Investment Bank
    Assen Gasharov, European Investment Bank, Luxembourg

A toolbox of financing instruments

  • "Superhomes" enabled by ELENA
    Paul Kenny, Tipperary Energy Agency, Ireland
  • Facilitation services for scaling up green financing
    Christine Öhlinger, OÖ Energiesparverband, Austria
  • Bigger is better: Bundling sustainable energy investments
    Anna Camp Casanovas, Provincial Council of Girona, Spain
  • Let savings pay the bill: the Assen Service Costs Model for home renovation
    Anna Krämer, Cities Northern Netherlands
  • Energy cooperatives: partners in the energy transition
    Stanislas d‘Herbemont,
  • Be smart: blending funding and financing
    Martin Kikas, Tartu Regional Energy Agency, Estonia
  • A digital platform to bridge the gap between investors and projects
    Velimir Segon, North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency, Croatia
  • "Smartening up" our city with energy efficiency revolving funds
    Jaroslav Klusák, City of Litomerice, Czech Republic
  • Guaranteeing safety, health, comfort and affordability: LABEEF
    Nicholas Stancioff, Funding for Future, Latvia
  • Supporting the roll-out of renewables through regional co-investment
    Olivier Roussel, SEM Energies Hauts-de-France
  • Peer-to-peer learning session – Planning replication and roll-out

19.00 Evening programme