10 reasons to study in the Netherlands

It may be small in size, but the Netherlands continues to attract large numbers of students from far and wide and it is more than just the windmills and clogs that are enticing them here. At IHS approximately 95% of our students come from overseas so we asked them why the Netherlands is such an attractive destination for international students. Here are ten of the reasons why they chose to study in the Netherlands.     

1. World-class educational institutions

If you are going to get a degree you want to ensure that it is from a world-class institution. The Netherlands is currently ranked as the seventh best place in the world for higher education and seven Dutch universities are currently in the world’s top 100. The Erasmus University Rotterdam where IHS is based is currently ranked at number 72 in the World University Rankings 2018 and is the third most highly rated university in the Netherlands.

2. Internationally recognised degrees

When you are thinking of studying abroad you may be wondering if your proposed degree will be accepted in your home country. If you choose to study in the Netherlands you can rest assured that this won’t be an issue. With world-renown Dutch educational institutions such as the Erasmus University Rotterdam, you know that a degree obtained here will be recognised wherever your life takes you.

3. Low tuition fees

When compared to other popular destinations for international students such as the United Kingdom and United States of America the tuition fees in the Netherlands are very reasonable. At IHS the tuition fee for the 2018 intake of our urban management and development master’s programme is €13,900. We also offer an early bird discount of €1000 for those that submit their fee by 1st June.   

4. Lots of international students

Currently one in 10 students in the Netherlands are from overseas, so there is a large community of international students to get involved with. Many programmes at higher educational instititions in the Netherlands are taught entirely in English so the language barrier will not be an issue. At IHS all of our educational programmes are taught exclusively in English and many members of our teaching staff are also from overseas.

5. Opportunities to stay in the Netherlands once you have graduated

Students who are non-EU/EEA nationals may be able to apply for the Orientation year visa once they have completed their degree in the Netherlands. The orientation year gives graduates who are within three years of completing their studies the opportunity to stay in the Netherlands and look for work or start a business. During this year you are able to work without the need of an additional work permit. You can find more information on this visa and the requirements on the Immigration and Naturalisation Service website.

6. Dutch culture

Home to the famously open-minded and direct Dutch people, the Netherlands is seen by the world as a centre for liberalism and tolerance. As well as being the tallest people in the world the Dutch are better at speaking English than any other non-native speaking country, which makes the move less daunting to many international students.

7. Affordable living costs

Living costs in the Netherlands tend to be on par with other countries and cities in western-Europe with Amsterdam being the most expensive. In Rotterdam you can expect to pay between 450 and 650 euros per month for private student room. Read our where to live in Rotterdam article for more information.

8. Explore Europe

The Netherlands is ideally located for those that want to explore Europe in their weekends and time off. With direct trains and buses from Amsterdam and Rotterdam to major European cities including Paris, Brussels, London and Frankfurt, and reasonably priced flights throughout Europe, the opportunities to explore are endless.

9. Scholarship Opportunities

If you choose to study in the Netherlands you could be eligible for a scholarship to cover a portion or even the whole of your tuition fees and living costs. The Dutch government funds a number of scholarships for international students such as the Orange Knowledge Programme. There are also a number of external funding opportunities that you could be eligible for, for more information please view our scholarships information section. 

10. You will be living in one of the happiest countries in the world

The Netherlands is constantly named as one of the happiest and safest countries in the world and 2018 was no exception. It was named as the sixth happiest country in the world and the seventh best country to live in the world by two studies conducted by the United Nations.

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