Alumni spotlight with Jammy Zhu

The IHS Alumni network wouldn't be the expansive worldwide community it is today without the dedication and involvement of our alumni. The network is represented by the Alumni Board, a team of passionate IHS alumni who volunteer to help the network grow and respond to the needs of its nearly 10.000 members. As of this year, the new President of the Alumni Board is Jammy Zhu, an alumna of the MSc programme in Urban Management and Development. Read on to get to know Jammy better!

About Jammy

With extensive experience in strategic planning and project management across various domains, including architecture, masterplan development, interior design, and exhibitions, Jammy Zhu brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as Asia Studio Manager at MVRDV. In this capacity, she plays a crucial role in providing strategic insights and ensuring the successful execution of projects. Driven by her belief in the power of inspiring and collective dialogues, Jammy's interests extend beyond her role at MVRDV. She is also a co-founder of Spring Onion Atelier, an experience design studio dedicated to empowering communities and nurturing nature through innovative space and program development.

Jammy's source of motivation stems from her curiosity about the inner workings of cities and societies. She constantly questions and explores alternative possibilities, driven by a deep desire to understand and challenge conventional notions. This perpetual quest for knowledge fuels innovation in her endeavours.

Career path 

Jammy's journey into her current line of work began in 2011 when she joined MVRDV as a Business Development and Public Relations trainee. During this time, her passion for urbanism and architecture flourished. Motivated by this newfound interest, she pursued a Master's program in Urban Management at IHS, where she acquired a solid foundation and a holistic understanding of urban challenges.

After completing her studies, Jammy gained valuable experience in the creative industry before returning to MVRDV as a Project Coordinator. This role allowed her to actively participate in key projects and gain a comprehensive understanding of project management intricacies. Over time, she assumed increasingly significant managerial responsibilities, overseeing the studio and multiple projects. Jammy's journey has not only sharpened her project management skills but also solidified her commitment to the success of MVRDV.

As the Asia Studio Manager at MVRDV, Jammy assumes a comprehensive range of responsibilities, including business development, contract negotiations, resource allocation, budgeting, and financial performance monitoring. In addition, she actively contributes to projects spanning masterplan, urban design, architecture, and interior design. Jammy's role includes making strategic proposals, contextual insights, and project management.

"IHS has provided me with the tools and insights needed to make meaningful progress in both my professional and personal development"

Jammy Zhu 

Biggest Challenge

When asked about the biggest challenge in her profession, Jammy emphasized the importance of effective communication. Engaging with individuals from diverse professional backgrounds and perspectives presents a daily hurdle. However, leveraging her multidisciplinary academic knowledge and extensive experience, Jammy bridges communication gaps, fosters collaboration, and enables clear exchanges of ideas. She recognizes that continuous improvement in communication is key to working harmoniously towards shared goals.

Experience design to empower communities 

In addition to her role at MVRDV, Jammy co-founded the Spring Onion Atelier, a part-time initiative focusing on small-scale urban interventions and initiatives. Their work extends beyond design, creating immersive experiences for people and the natural world. By starting at a local level and scaling up their efforts, Jammy and her team aspire to make meaningful contributions to their closely connected community and beyond.

Transformative time at IHS

Reflecting on her time at IHS, Jammy acknowledges its transformative impact on her professional path. Beyond acquiring knowledge, IHS equipped her with a strategic methodology to tackle complex urban issues. The practical tools and frameworks provided a sturdy foundation for her work. At the same time, the ongoing learning process and nuanced understanding of diverse stakeholders enable her to navigate challenges effectively and personal development.

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