Call for Panels: virtual TRIALOG conference 2021

Panel registration

We are calling for proposals for open format panels in parallel sessions that contribute to one or more of the aspects below. Applicants for panels will be responsible for writing a call for papers or other relevant contributions for their panel. (Paper) contributions should either provide insights into practise, informed experience (in an association or a related project), or other (empiric) evidence or based on research.


The list below provides potential main themes with examples that illustrate the topic. Thinking outside the box is welcomed as well as other perspectives to address the overarching conference title. 

Civil Society Contributions over time

  • Value and change of content contributions to the discourse in the last 30 years
  • Historic role of Civil Society in the urban discourse and their visions, e.g. in relation to the HABITAT conferences and other milestone events
  • CSO actors engaged in knowledge creation and exchange 
  • The different regional spectra of actors in the urban realm and their perceptions

Opportunities and challenges for CSO establishment and performance 

  • Change management in civic societies in terms of institutional sustainability
  • Processes of civil society institutionalization and establishment
  • Bureaucratic challenges and the resilience of such organizations
  • Its organizational and membership culture, a CSO, its identity and diversity, timeliness, economy of CSOs, etc.

Perceptions and reputation, networking and interactions of CSOs 

  • Interface between practice and theory - a tightrope walk
  • Partners’ perception from outside Europe
  • Reflecting social change, changing members and values, 
  • Adaptive capacities or conformist behaviourism
  • Underlying political notions in CSOs: reformist or value conservation
  • CSO’s scale of action and networking

Requirements for Panel proposals and structure

A panel should:

  • Comprise three to five presentations or other relevant contribution (such as discussion format) and should also allow for a discussion with the audience (slots for panels during the conference are 90 minutes)
  • Or, comprise a minimum of three and a maximum of five discussants, in addition to the chair
  • The chair should act as moderator of the panel, and can also act as rapporteur, if there is no other person available
  • The panels may be organized in English, German or another language, as long as panel organizers are able to ensure that translation for non-English and non-German speakers is provided and an English summary of the panel proceedings will be presented in the plenary

Panel proposals should include:

  • The title and brief description of max 250 words, including information about the background and desired contributions of the potential presenters’ (abstracts can be submitted at a later stage)
  • The proposal should be written in the main language to be used by the panel

Information for panel organizers

We invite all interested individuals and organisations to apply for preparing a panel. As panel organizer we expect you to actively engage in soliciting papers or other valuable contributions for your panel and also moderate and collect the content of the presentations or discussions. TRIALOG and IHS aim for a conference that brings together academics as well as reflective practitioners. Your panel can be leaning to one of these audiences, or aim for a mixed participation.

How and when to apply?

Proposals can be submitted via the submission form available until 22 May 2021 on TRIALOG’s website. 

By 20 June 2021, the accepted panels will be published and respective calls for papers on the TRIALOG website and via email ( When the panels are decided, a call for abstracts will be announced.

How to proceed afterwards?

Once a paper or contribution abstract is received for your panel, TRIALOG will acknowledge receipt and you will be notified. It is up to the panel organizers to accept or reject proposals. You should also make suggestions to paper and contribution providers on improving their proposal to meet the following criteria. It may be advisable that you, as the author/s of the proposal for the panel, will serve as chair to the panel, otherwise you should appoint a chair. You may also choose to have a discussant to the panel.

We aim for a geographically balanced participation and especially encourage participation from “voices less heard”.

Virtual TRIALOG Conference 2021

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