Call for support for communities in India affected by covid-19

 In this turbulent period, which affects the entire world, our heart goes to everyone suffering because of this epidemic, especially to those who do not have the privilege of enduring a lockdown without severe consequences for their livelihood. At the suggestion of our alumni and collaborators from India, we are sharing these call for donations to provide support during the Covid 19 epidemic. At the moment, the call for donations concerns a few Indian cities: Ahmedabad (500 km North of Mumbai; 6 million people), Pune (150 km from Mumbai; 5 million people) and Chennai. You can read about each below.  

In addition to this, we created an open directory of relief organisations which provide support to communities in the Global South. Read more about this at the end of the page.

Pune and Ahmedabad

There are tens of thousands of migrant workers who depend on a daily wage in these cities and who are deeply affected by the epidemic and the lockdown. Below, we share a message from our alumni and partners in India, along with the kind request to spread this information further to anyone who might be able and willing to contribute. The money will be used to provide food supplies that last an average family about 10-15 days.

An unavoidable, 21-day long full-nation lockdown, announced by the government to prevent the spread of Covid 19 his threatening the already fragile status of poor people in India. It is a harsh measure, especially for the poor, who are migrant workers and depend on a daily wage. They are the most vulnerable, without shelter, income, savings, livelihood and often without warmth and support of the family. Feeding these stranded families and individuals without an income or savings is a priority.  

To be able to meet this need, the communities rely on organisations in Pune and Ahmedabad which have been working with the poor for a long time and therefore have vital experience, network contacts, trust of the people and local leadership. They have been able to reach 2500 families in Ahmedabad already, but there is still a great number of people in need of support. Official information from the Labour Commissioner reveals that in Pune alone there are 80,000 migrant workers who require food assistance. The Ahmedabad operation is a joint effort by eight agencies which work together under the umbrella of CISHAA; Citizen Shelter and Housing Alliance, Ahmedabad. The Pune effort is led by two partner agencies—Mashal and Inhaf.

The estimated need can be covered through an initial sum of 50 000 EUR. Any donation is welcome and no sum is too small. Foreign Funds are received in special FCRA—Foreign Contribution Regulation Act—account. Details of Mashal’s FCRA Bank account are provided below. Allocation between Ahmedabad and Pune will be done based on the need of the respective activity. 

All foreign nationals and foreign donor organisations can make donations to HABITAT FORUM for supply of food kits to the Urban poor in India. The donations can be made in any freely convertible currency (i.e. US $) and also in Indian Rupees. Please note the details of the bank account:

Account Name



51/A Thakore Baug Complex, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad 380 009, India.

Bank Name

Axis Bank Limited


Law Garden Branch, Ahmedabad, India

Account No.


Account Type


Swift Code


While we request for your contribution, we are also aware that your country and your people too are fighting a grave battle.
Please know that we are with you too.

We count on your help. It is not so much the money. It is empathy. Solidarity.


Homeless, migrants and other vulnerable groups need your support!
Vulnerable categories, like the urban homeless, migrants, residents of informal settlements, elders, persons with disability, do not have resources to sustain themselves during the 21-day lockdown. It would cost Rs. 1,600 for giving dry rations (and sanitary napkins for women) to the urban homeless, migrants, and other vulnerable groups for a month, since the country-wide lockdown is on for 21 days.

For those willing to support us to purchase relief kits (comprising of dry ration, vegetables, and toiletries) that we are providing each family for 10 days, you can donate in the following ways:

For contributions from India (INR only):
Account number: 50200033906207
IFSC Code: HDFC0001284
Egmore Branch
Kaithotta House New No. 5, Sait Colony First Street,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu

For contribution (outside India)
Account Holder: A. D. Nundiyny
Account number: 455071564
IFSC Code - IDIB000E004
Indian Bank
Egmore Branch
Mobile Number: +91 9940205623
Through Google Pay: Dilip Kumar/8825977617

About the organisation

Information and Resource Centre for the Deprived Urban Communities (IRCDUC)—based in Chennai— is a consortium of community-based groups and individuals from different sectors, working to assert the rights of deprived urban communities. The primary objective of IRCDUC is to enhance the capacities of deprived urban communities by collecting, collating, and disseminating information on various laws and policies related to adequate housing.
IRCDUC is a registered organisation and has been involved in the COVID-19 lockdown relief for the last 12 days. The organisation has relief pass that enables us to reach out the urban homeless, migrants, and other vulnerable groups. The
organisation comprises of 10 staffs and 7 volunteers who are coordinating the relief work. 

For further information/clarifications, kindly contact:
Vanessa Peter at +91 9941537581 or through
Information and Resource Centre for the Deprived Urban Communities (IRCDUC),

More information

Directory for relief organisations in the Global South. Help us identify and map those who are at the front line of this battle and need help. View and add to this document here. We ask you to add complete organisation details (name, country, email address, website and telephone number - if available) and to be mindful of others and not delete information that you did not add, nor to add irrelevant information that does not support the cause. Please feel free to pass this forward.

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