Developing impact ambitions - the Erasmian way

Annelien Bredenoord, Rector Magnificus Erasmus University Rotterdam

Last month, IHS staff welcomed Annelien Bredenoord, Rector Magnificus of Erasmus University Rotterdam. As the EUR has made societal impact a key objective for the coming years, the Rector's visit aimed to learn how institutes such as IHS deliver on this goal.

During her visit, the Rector found out more about the academic activities happening at IHS, and she had informal talks with some of the Urban Management and Development Master students and alumni. In the end, an open discussion with the institute's Management team concluded the meeting by covering IHS' impact on urban development over the years.

Towards positive societal impact

As a part of Erasmus University, IHS champions collaboration towards finding innovative solutions to the complex societal challenges of our time. We strive to bridge the gaps between academia and practice through our unique mix of services, our multidisciplinary approach and our international dimension. Our mission and vision, as well as our approach, bring us closer to achieving a positive societal impact.

How we make cities work

We envision cities that are liveable and just, as well as socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.
Our mission is to inspire and empower urban professionals and citizens to make cities work for all.

How do we do this?

  • we educate urban professionals with diverse backgrounds
  • we advise national and local governments from the Global South

  • we conduct urban research

IHS' approach to the problems faced in reducing poverty and improving the quality of life in cities is based on the cross-fertilization of three activities: education, advisory services and applied research. IHS strongly believes in linking theory and practice. Together with our partners, we work at the forefront of urban development to improve the well-being of people living in cities. IHS is about making cities work. 

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Find out more about how EUR creates positive societal impact from the EUR Strategy Report.

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