How do urban professionals plan, manage and govern cities in emerging economies?

How do urban professionals plan, manage and govern cities in emerging economies? What actions and instruments do they employ? These are the main questions raised by the new book "Urban Planning, Management and Governance in Emerging Economies. Paradigm Shifts".

The book highlights how the paradigms of interventions and approaches to urban management are shifting, indicating that urban governance is becoming increasingly important in dealing with wicked issues, like climate change and social and economic inequalities in cities. The changing role of urban professionals, with a particular focus on the dynamic social, cultural and economic transformations of cities in emerging economies. Exploring contemporary approaches to urban governance, contributors draw attention to the prevalence of smart cities, new forms of partnerships and just transitions in a changing urban landscape. 

Readers can learn from key case studies and international examples addressing topics like housing, public space, water, climate change, the environment and economic development. The examples and theories will be helpful for urban leaders, strategists and advocates working in emerging economies, as well as researchers and students of urban development, planning, management and governance.

The work - published by Edwar Elgar Publishing - is the result of a collective effort of IHS colleagues, partners, PhD candidates and alumni.

It was edited by Jan Fransen, Senior Researcher of Urban Economic Development and Resilience, the Institute of Housing and Urban Development, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Meine Pieter van Dijk, Professor of Urban Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Professor of Economics, Maastricht School of Management and Jurian Edelenbos, Professor of Interactive Governance, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The contributors are: Daniel Adamu, Taslim Alade, Aloysius Bongwa, M. Ćaćić, Jurian Edelenbos, Jan Fransen, Alberto Gianoli, Z. Ivanova, Els Keunen, Yirang Lim, Indriany Lionggo, D. McCauley, Paula Nagler, P. Nientied, Saskia Ruijsink, K. Stachowiak-Bongwa, R. Toto, M.P. van Dijk, Frank van Oort.

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