IHS Presents at the IPCC Cities Conference

Climate change in cities


The IPCC Cities and Climate Change conference aims to explore and assess the state of both academic and practice-based knowledge on the topic of cities and climate change. From here gaps in knowledge can be identified and a global research agenda can be established.

IHS staff and their partners presented at these sessions at the IPCC Cities Conference, which provided an opportunity to present some of the institute's current research.

Interactions of Climate Mitigation and Adaption in Cities: Synergies and Trade-offs

There has been an increasing number of cities looking at the issue of climate change and local governments are urgently seeking support and guidance on this issue. With the interrelationships between Ad-Mit being a new topic of research, this session provoked discussion between policy-makers, practitioners and academics in order to explain the current understanding and define the most pressing areas to be analysed in the future.

Speakers: Stelios Grafakos Erasmus University Rotterdam, Sean O’Donoghue eThekwini Municipality, Steve Winkelman Centre for Clean Air Policy and Green Resilience Strategies.

Moderator: Minal Pathak Center of Environmental Planning and Technology University.

The Importance of Monitoring and Reporting for the Aggregated Impact of Local Climate Action and the Assessment of Covenant of Mayors Initiative

Cities throughout the world are reporting their greenhouse gas emissions and targets through monitoring and reporting (M&R) platforms. In this session recent research based on the data provided by cities was presented, data challenges to scientific research relating to the aggregate emission impact of urban areas was highlighted and solutions for data and research gaps were proposed. The speakers in this session are from the areas of academia, M&R platforms and city networks. The session also addressed the results achieved by the Covenant of Mayors’ signatories at the projected GHG emissions reduction by 2030, and the new Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy as well its preliminary aggregation results up to 2050.

Speakers: Amanda Eichel Global Covenant of Mayors Secretariat, Belgium, Jessica Espey Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), USA, Jen Heemann Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, Lauren Ross American Council for an Energy Efficient-Economy (ACEEE), USA, Anthony Bigio George Washington University, USA, Edoardo Croci Universita Bocconi, Italy, Paolo Bertoldi European Commission JRC, Italy, Maryke Van Staden ICLEI, Germany. 

Moderators: Stelios Grafakos Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands, Paolo Bertoldi European Commission JRC, Italy.

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