IHS stands up against racism

Inside view of the Polak building.
Inside view of the Polak building.

In light of the recent police violence and racist acts in the United States, people took to the streets to express their anger and frustration at these systemic injustices through protest movements. In the Netherlands, much like in other European countries, people are also protesting to take a stance against racism.

We, at IHS, see it as our duty to speak up against racism in any form. We teach students from all over the world and we are concerned about their safety and position in society. Furthermore, this is another opportunity to remind us of our mission of making cities better and more liveable for everyone. Very often in our work and projects, we come across inequality as a cause for major urban issues. We are fully aware that vulnerable groups all over the world run the risk of being marginalized in society and of having their rights consistently infringed by authorities.

As an education and research institute, we are responsible for shaping future urban professionals and knowledge that serves society and that contributes to a fair world for all. Racism and systemic inequalities are not only endemic in the United States, but something that is ever present globally. Through education and knowledge creation, dissemination and interventions, we can all work together towards achieving better and safer cities for everyone, especially vulnerable groups.

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