IHS is taking part in SCORE, a project funded by the European Commission

European Commission

IHS will take part in a new European Commission - Horizon 2020 funded project called SCORE: Smart Control of Climate Resilience in European Coastal Cities that aims to increase climate resilience in European coastal cities. 

The overarching objective of the project is to study, design, develop, monitor and validate robust adaptation measures in coastal and low-lying areas to protect them from increasing climate and sea level risks, including coastal flooding and erosion, to enhance their overall long-term resilience. The SCORE project outlines a comprehensive strategy, developed via a network of 10 coastal city ‘living labs’, to rapidly, equitably and sustainably enhance coastal city climate resilience though an Ecosystem-Based Approach (EBA) supported by sophisticated digital technologies. SCORE will establish an integrated coastal zone management framework for strengthening EBA and smart coastal city policies, creating European leadership in coastal city climate change adaptation in line with The Paris Agreement.

SCORE will provide innovative platforms to empower stakeholders’ deployment of EBAs to increase climate resilience, business opportunities and financial sustainability of coastal cities. It will also involve citizen science in providing prototype coastal city early-warning systems and will enable smart, instant monitoring and control of climate resilience in European coastal cities through open, accessible spatial 'digital twin' tools.

SCORE will be implemented for a duration of 4 years (2021-2025) by a consortium of 28 partners, and will be led by the Institute of Technology - Sligo, Ireland. Participating cities are from Turkey, Slovenia, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Poland, and Spain.

IHS will be leader of Work Package 2 which is coastal city living lab design, implementation, and evaluation as well as member of Work Package 6 which focuses on socio-economic assessment of adaptation strategies and policy recommendations.

We are looking forward to starting 2021 with a new project!

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