New book addresses the challenge of boosting entrepreneurship in cities

Recently launched volume “Urban Studies and Entrepreneurship” connects scholarship and policy practice in the fields of urban studies, entrepreneurship, economic theory and governance, to advance critical knowledge and practices that promote entrepreneurship in cities.

The book features case studies from developed, emerging and developing countries in different regions around the globe, exploring several questions related to entrepreneurship.

Researchers and policy makers alike can learn about issues like the most important types of entrepreneurship and how various conditions of infrastructure and opportunity shape them, what type of entrepreneurship should a city prefer and what can be done to stimulate that. Other sections tackle the reasons why the same policies can either enhance entrepreneurship in some contexts or promote crony capitalism and rent-seeking in other contexts, whether cities should focus on growing their own entrepreneurs or on attracting them from other cities/countries, the effect a collective action can have on entrepreneurship in a city etc.

Chapter 10 of the present volume, “Exploring the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Within the Informal Economy with a Multifactor Framework” features IHS Head of Education and Training, Jan Fransen as a contributor, along with Georgina Gomez and Suthida Chawla, current and former colleagues from our sister organisation, ISS.

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You can browse through or purchase this book here.

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