PROSPECT: Success Stories

As sustainable energy continues gaining popularity globally, urban areas rush to adopt energy and climate conscious initiatives, especially in sectors like buildings, lighting and transport. While many cities in developed areas have significant opportunities available to facilitate the energy transition, some regions face financial and technical challenges, such as lack of funds and expertise, which slow down the process. Over the past 3 years, the PROSPECT project facilitated peer-to-peer mentoring learning among cities, to help them learn about innovative funding schemes for such projects. After four learning cycles, we look back at success stories and analyse in what way the peer-to-peer learning process helped mentees and what changes it brought.

This Success Stories PROSPECT booklet showcases stories from:

Inside, you will read about the journey journeys of:

  • OÖ Energiespervand (mentor), S.ENERGIA and Trnava (mentees) on Energy Performance Contracting for Public lighting and public buildings;
  • AGENEAL (mentor) and the municipality of Heerlen on innovative financing mechanisms for energy efficiency and renewable energy;
  • ENERGAP (mentor), LENERG and the city of Koekelberg (mentees) on EPC and PPP for public lighting and public buildings.

The booklet contains information about how public authorities can tap into innovative financing mechanisms and funding sources – aside from available national, regional, or local budgets - to complement their own financial resources, as well as how to learn with and from their peers from other cities and regions who have successfully implemented sustainable energy and climate action projects and are recognized for their ‘best practices’ in innovative financing schemes. You can download it below.

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