Redesigning Post-Industrial Cities

A unique post-master programme across Europe
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Redesigning Post-Industrial Cities (RePIC) is an interdisciplinary joint post-master programme developed by UNIC, The European University of Post-Industrial Cities. The programme aims to build a dynamic knowledge and innovation community dedicated to creating more sustainable urban futures and offers several opportunities to engage in real urban challenges.



What is UNIC?

UNIC is a collaboration of ten universities throughout Europe, representing vastly different post-industrial cities. From Cork, Ireland, to Koç, Turkey. These cities are the hotspots of post-industrial transformations in the social landscape of Europe. Find the full list of universities via the button below.

More about UNIC

About the programme

Post-industrial cities are currently experiencing immense changes in human and environmental systems: migration, climate change, economic crises, digitalisation etc. The governance of such cities needs to take a modernised look at existing social, economic, cultural, environmental and political challenges to avoid a potential path of decline. 

The international two-year post-master programme in Redesigning Post-Industrial Cities focuses on solving contemporary challenges posed in industrial heritage settings. The course adopts many different teaching methods and approaches, from City Labs to innovative learning activities and digital storytelling. UNIC provides high-quality education and a new alternative to conventional urban studies to share best practices on central challenges to all industrialised nations.

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    The course covers topics such as:

    • super-diversity in urban contexts; 
    • innovation and digitalisation of public administration; 
    • resilient cities, 
    • healthy urban planning in cities; 
    • trends reshaping climate and energy and the European Green Deal; 
    • transnational migration, urban social movements and 'the right to the city'

    Why is this programme UNIC?

    • Learn how to communicate and effectively visualise the challenges and solutions that society faces today
    • Engage with real urban challenges in participatory approaches and join a network of city leaders across Europe
    • Experience the European exchange: acquire intercultural and multilingual skills
    • Gain access to seamless European mobility (both virtual and physical) study at eight campuses located in Europe’s up-and-coming post-industrial cities

    Applications are open!

    You can now submit your application to the RePIC Master programme. Please find more information on the application deadlines, a step-by-step application guide and available scholarships via this link.

    UNIC Explained

    UNIC - The European University of Post-Industrial Cities Explained

    More information

    For more information, please take a look at the RePIC website.

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