Take part in the Closer Cities research project

Let’s optimize sharing urban knowledge!

Cities face enormous challenges that require smart solutions to be implemented; challenges such as equality and poverty, inclusion, health, and sustainability. Only a small amount of the knowledge applied to these issues is shared among cities and urban professionals. How can we optimise the worldwide exchange and sharing of urban knowledge? This initiative is aimed at finding the answers to this question. We welcome you to become part of this exciting journey.

Only a small amount of knowledge that is acquired while addressing societal issues is effectively shared worldwide and utilised for further learning. What if it was easier to share this knowledge? How could sharing be optimized? Can the result of this improved sharing process serve as a catalyst for the urban world to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

CLOSER CITIES is a new research initiative that aims to answer all these questions by focusing on sharing urban knowledge. As one of the founders, IHS is happy to welcome you on this journey!

Your contribution to this research as urban professionals is truly priceless to the urban world.

How to contribute?
We invite you to submit any project you believe is worth sharing with other urban professionals worldwide (in any phase - idea, start-up, development, realized, any scale, etc). Share the projects you believe others will be interested to learn from, others should know about, projects too good to keep to yourself.

Please visit the CLOSER CITIES website for more information.

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